THE FENCE IS UP…the fence is down

You may have noticed that the construction fence is now up around the play area in preparation of the playground renovation project.  Unfortunately, after only one day a hole was cut in the fencing and fence poles were toppled allowing dozens of park visitors access to the work area.

Bauman Landscape Construction will begin disassembling the existing play structures, removing site furnishings and demolishing asphalt as early as tomorrow, June 8.  It is important that the perimeter fence be maintained to provide a safety buffer between park users and the construction activities that will be going on within its boundary.  Just because a fence section is down, or you don’t see construction activities going on at the moment, it does not mean it is safe to enter the site.

If you witness acts of vandalism to the construction fence, or see people inside the construction zone, please contact Park Patrol at 242-6390.  Please help keep Dolores Park safe.