Construction at Chinese Rec Center

“Thanks for the comments. I first met you at one of the community meetings that were held regarding the Kimbell Field renovation. I believe that you had just or were close to taking on your position as General Manager of RPD. I wanted to let you know that from around that time, I personally noticed more outreach to the community and dialog between RPD and collaborators. As a native San Franciscan, I grew up with RPD “raising me” as I made a daily appearance at the Chinese Rec. Center to be “parented” by the wonderful and caring staff (Paul Whang, Elaine Tom, Marion Ischimoto, Percy Chu and Ray Joe). As a partner with RPD and DCYF, I strive to bring that type of atmosphere back to the Margaret Hayward Clubhouse. Thanks for the positive and caring attitude that you and your staff brought back to the department.”

Rodney Chin