24th & York Mini Park

“I really enjoyed your interview on KALW radio on January 24th! It inspired me to contact you!

It saddens me to hear of the unrelenting budget cuts the Rec & Park department has faced year after year. But, at the same time, your voice carried the sound of optimism for the future. Not because you’re expecting that city hall will remedy the operating budget, but because you are committed to delivering programs using community to serve community.

Over the years, I’ve watched the opposition that “private revenue partnerships” have faces when these avenues are considered as ways to help facilities become self sustaining or revenue generating. I feel you have gotten much closer to helping the public understand that these partnerships aren’t really private. The organization that is referred to as the “private partner” is actually community. It’s time to change the description in my opinion. There are no “big bad private monsters” ready to consume community facilities. It’s all community. Whether it’s a large SF for profit, a small non profit, a school, a parents group, and entrepreneur, a philanthropist, etc. How did we ever come up with the notion that there are outsiders with motives to take over city parks? The individuals fueling the flames of “private versus public” have become the keepers of a fictitious stance in SF parks.”

Debra Sellers