Water Fall near Camp Mather

“Thank you so much for making first time campers to Camp Mather, such as my mother , Virginia Riethmann and myself, Debbie Wilson one of the most enjoyable, memorable experiences of our lives.

We had the best of times getting acquainted with so many wonderfully nice people and have made many friends. I can not express how much outpouring of genuineness of kindness, happiness and love amongst everyone we encountered. There wasn’t one day we did not miss of good ol’ fashion FUN!!!!!

I’m so glad we were able to visit Hetch Hetchy after all. (You still owe me, you know. For me stepping up to volunteer my car to go to Hetch Hetchy. Ha ha ha.) Such a magnificent sight to behold, with history to go along with it. It was so awe-inspiring. I just wish I hadn’t missed the shuttle to Yosemite to take the hike to Vernal Falls.

That is why my mother & I are so looking forward and preparing for the spring 2011 Camp Mather trip in June, God willing.

I may e-mail you, if you don’t mind to give you other inexpensive craft ideas for next season.

Take care & be well,”

Debbie Wilson & Virginia Riethmann