Temporary access road coming to Dolores Park

Below is a sketch of the areas of work which will be fenced during the construction of the Helen Diller Playground and a sketch of the temporary access driveway. Click on the image for a full size and more detailed view.

Quick Project Facts:
Contractor: Bauman Landscape Construction, Inc.
Estimated start date: June 1, 2011
Construction duration: 7 months
Target Playground Opening: January 2012

Upcoming activities:
Synergy Construction will be on-site between May 23 and June 10 installing a new temporary access driveway into the park just south of the intersection of Dolores and 19th Street for use by service vehicle while the main driveway is closed for the playground construction project. This construction activity will result in the installation of a temporary safety barricade immediately around the area of work.

Bauman Landscape Construction is expected to begin staging and preforming pre-construction activities during the first week of June. Mobilization activities include the placement of the perimeter construction fencing and the project trailer. The playground, picnic tables and adjacent lawn areas within the designated Areas of Work will be officially closed to the public once the perimeter construction fence is installed and the playground site is handed off to the Contractor. The remainder of Mission Dolores Park will remain open and accessible to the public.

Dolores Park Playground Access Road

Sketch of the temporary access road

Playground Project Work Limits

Sketch of the areas of work which will be fenced during the construction phase. The access road is in green and in the top right corner of the map

Please feel free to contact Mary Hobson, playground renovation project manager, 415.581.2575 or mary.hobson@sfgov.org.