Tango Instruction – Ivan Shvarts

“As a dancer and teacher of Milonguero style tango, Ivan Shvarts is interested in how tango is a physical, emotional, and psychological dance that works out the body, the brain, and the soul.  He believes that tango is about the maturity of movements rather than physical strength or frenetic motion, and that it is, therefore, a dance best suited to the experienced, the wary, and the wise.”

“Shvarts is committed to providing a welcoming space for dancers of all levels and ages to develop their tango skills while simultaneously growing a community built on a celebration of movement and music.  His teachers have included Puppy Castello, Nestor Ray, Tete Rusconi, and Gustavo Naveira with whom he studied the techniques of traditional Milonguero style.”
excerpt from Tango Curiosity
Come see for yourself and take a tango class offered by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. Our tango classes are taught by Ivan Shvarts and are offered at Eureka Valley, and Richmond Recreation Centers.
Eureka Valley Recreation Center: (415) 831-6810
Richmond Recreation Center: (415) 415-666-7020