South Park Traffic Calming Improvements – Update Nov 2017

The sidewalk bulb outs have started on three end corners of South Park intersections.

Two curb/ramps near Third Street: City Official is inspecting the concrete curb edge to confirm installation so that the concrete pour could be scheduled.  Pending winter rain, the work will be completed in December 2018.

The curb/ramp installation near Second Street: Construction to complete this corner will resume in mid December pending the removal of a tree that is currently obstructing sidewalk wheelchair access. The city officials identified 1) the tree has grown to impede sidewalk access adjacent the building and 2) the sidewalk could not be widened on the curb side due to fire truck turning restrictions.

Once the bulbouts have been completed, the asphalt stamping will be scheduled (for January, pending rain) to provide the street texture, an enhancing feature of the traffic calming elements.

Stay tuned!