South Park Traffic Calming Improvements – March 2018, follow up

Warmer weather has arrived for us to complete the traffic calming features!

Please be mindful the next several weeks of parking restrictions at both ends of South Park (indicated in red on the attached map).South Park Update & Parking Restrictions 2018 0327

Expected activities: The crew will first remove and patch the temporary asphalt near the new bulb-outs; then pave and grind the street asphalt for the asphalt stamper to impress the brick pattern on the street at the east and west ends of South Park.

As long as it is dry and warm, the contractor can install the tan color (see posting in early March 2018) and reflective finish which require these conditions to cure.

Once the asphalt finish passes inspection,  SFMTA will schedule and return to install

the crosswalk striping.