South Park Improvement Project Update 12/16

The much needed rain shifted the sewer /water meter work this week moving the street patching to next week. The parking restrictions will continue throughout next week–parking spaces will be made available as each portion of construction is completed.


South Park Street (eastbound) will remain open during the street patching and traffic will be diverted to the right ‘side’ of the street while work is performed on the left side and vice versa to complete the street improvements. Jack London Alley will be closed between South Park and Varney Street for half a day on 12/16 and again for several half days during the middle of the week of 12/19.

Pending adverse weather conditions, the remaining tasks this year are:

 Week 12/12/2016 (completed work):

  • sewer work excavation and installation
  • water meter installation

Week 12/19/2016

  • street patching for sewer/water meter (parking restrictions apply)
  • concrete flatwork
  • curb repairs, continued
  • sod installation (plants will be installed in January)
  • playground structure inspection
  • irrigation installation, continued

Week 12/26/2016

  • playground installation, continued