Slacklining Policy

The following guidelines must be adhered to by slackliners. Failure to do so may result in citation.

Slacklining is allowed in City parks except for: Conservatory Valley, the Botanical Garden, the Music Concourse, the Japanese Tea Garden, and the National AIDS Memorial Grove:

  1. Tree trunks must have protection between the tree and anchor line (best options include carpet strips, robust felt mats, burlap or professional abrasion-resistant products between the bark and the slings).
  2. Trees less than 1 foot in diameter (circumference = 3.14 feet) may not be used to anchor slacklines.
  3. Trees may not be damaged in any way; no cutting of branches, scraping of bark, use of screws or nails, etc.
  4. Slacklines may ONLY be setup between trees, AND NOT play structures, lamp posts, tables, or other structures.
  5. There must be a clear and flat landing surface under the full length of the slackline, and it must have an 8 feet clearance on both sides of the apparatus.
  6. Trees and/or landscape areas showing damage from slacklining activities may be restricted from future use.
  7. All slacklines may be affixed on a temporary basis while in use of the participant
  8. Slacklines may not be left unattended.
  9. Lines may be no longer than 80 ft.
  10. Trees may NOT be climbed in order to affix a slackline per Park Code 4.01(f)
  11. Slacklines shall be limited to one per park/meadow.
  12. Ensure slacklines do not obstruct vehicle or foot traffic in the park and do not block trails, walkways, roads or parking areas.
  13. Individuals may be held liable if damage or injury occurs to park property or a person resulting from slacklining.
  14. Slackliners and their spectators assume any and all risks associated with this activity.
  15. SFRPD employees have the authority to stop any slacklining activities and to request immediate removal of equipment if any guideline is not adhered to.