SFist: Rec & Parks Produces Goofy PSAs To Encourage Proper Trash Disposal, Bathroom Use

Knights of Revery at Dolores Park

By Jay Barmann

The Rec & Park Department hosted a pair of meetings Tuesday to engage concerned neighbors about their new “action plan” for dealing with the park’s ongoing popularity, and its trash problem. And as Mission Local reports, Sarah Ballard, the department’s director of policy and public affairs, admitted, “We got caught flat-footed. We were really confounded by the park’s popularity.”

It’s an odd thing for her to say at this late date, given the fact that the park has been extremely popular for a number of years, but to her point, its popularity on weekends has only grown with our population.

In response, the department has put out a new pair of recycling and compost dumpsters that they’ve dubbed an “eco pop-up,” and they’re calling on neighbors and nearby businesses to do things like encourage proper trash disposal on social media, and put stickers on items indicating that they’re recyclable or compostable. They’re also trying to discourage people from bringing glass to the park, which is where the above video comes in — it’s called the Use the Can “can-paign,” and it makes the stretch of connecting the use of trash cans with bringing canned beer and beverages instead of glass, and “using the can” as in using the bathroom instead of pissing in the bushes. And, because this is San Francisco, they needed to be all steampunk about it and get out the costumes.

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