SFGate: Marina Yacht Harbor Hailed for More Than Its View

Harbor Boats in the Marina

San Francisco Marina waterfront has always been a spiffy place, one of the world’s most scenic locations with sweeping views of the bay, the Golden Gate and the Marin Headlands. Now, it’s an award winner.

The American Society of Civil Engineers has named the Marina Yacht Harbor Renovation its 2014 project of the year, the Recreation and Park Department announced Thursday.

Despite its natural beauty, the marina had not had a major upgrade since 1963. Its floating docks, made of wood, had decayed over time, and the utilities serving the boats were outdated and deteriorated.

The $27.3 million renovation project focused on the West Harbor, and included removal of part of the existing breakwater, construction of two new breakwater segments, extensive dredging, reconstruction of rip-rap slopes, replacement and reconfiguration of gates, gangways, docks and slips, and upgrading utilities. On the land, the project included renovation of the harbor office building and improved public access.