SF Rec & Parks to Improve Coastal Trails at Sharp Park

Sharp Park Trail Correct

SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department will start its annual maintenance of the Coastal Trail located on the berm west of the Sharp Park Golf Course starting Monday, March 19th if weather permitting.  The work has been permitted and approved by the California Coastal Commission (Costal Development Permit 2-17-0702).  The maintenance efforts will be focused in the two specific areas and all work will take place on top of the berm.  Biological monitors from SF Rec & Parks’ Natural Resources Division will be on site to ensure the protection of biological and coastal resources.

The purpose of this maintenance work is to improve public safety and increase access to the Coastal Trail by creating a walkable surface throughout the trail path.  The work includes the removal of rocks and ruts and efforts to minimize some areas of concentrated runoff and erosion.  The work will also require the use of heavy equipment such as a dump truck and excavator and will involve the importation of approximately 100 cubic yards of natural surfacing material that is similar in color and texture to the existing surface.

Depending on weather, the duration of the maintenance efforts will take approximately two weeks to complete and is expected to occur between 7AM and 4PM Monday through Friday.  During construction, recreational use of the trail may be temporarily interrupted to ensure park user safety.

Sharp Park Trail Correct