SF Rec & Park to Plant 90 Trees in Honor of San Francisco Garden Club’s 90th Anniversary

SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department celebrated the 90th anniversary of the San Francisco Garden Club this morning with the planting of a coast redwood in Golden Gate Park’s Fuchsia Dell. This was the first of 90 trees gifted by the Garden Club that will be planted throughout the park over the next year.

“The San Francisco Garden Club has been an incredible partner for nearly a century and I thank them for their generous gift to the park,” said Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec & Park General Manager. “These 90 trees will serve as a legacy to their ongoing efforts to keep our parks green and beautiful.”

The San Francisco Garden Club (SFGC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1926. Some of the original elected officers included John McLaren, the “father of Golden Gate Park,” Herbert Fleishhacker, and William H. Crocker. SFGC was established to beautify the City of San Francisco, preserve scenic and historic points of interest, and to aid and benefit horticultural activities.

“The San Francisco Garden Club is proud to partner with SF Rec & Park in Golden Gate Park today, and to celebrate our 90-year-old mission to beautify the great city of San Francisco for the benefit of generations to follow,” said Dawn Longoria, president of the San Francisco Garden Club.

The donation from the San Francisco Garden Club will include:

  • Monterey cypress and olive trees in locations around Sharon Meadow
  • Ornamental magnolias and cherry trees on the perimeter of the San Francisco Botanical Garden and Japanese Tea Garden
  • Canopy and ornamental tree replacement in Golden Gate Park’s Rhododendron Dell
  • A variety of species to be planted in western portions of the park. These will help replace a significant amount of trees that have been lost in these areas due to disease over the past few years. Some of these species include Monterey cypress, Catalina ironwood, pittosporum, and Norfolk Island pine.


The mission of the San Francisco Garden Club is to beautify the City of San Francisco; to preserve San Francisco’s scenic and historic points of interest; to aid and benefit horticultural activities.

SFGC supported the SF Conservatory of Flowers for many years, underwriting the ponds, plant collection and spearheading construction of the temporary greenhouse constructed in 2000.  The club has also donated nearly $500,000 toward the Conservatory of Flowers’ restoration and construction.

To learn more about SFGC, visit: http://www.sanfranciscogardenclub.org/


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