SF Rec and Park’s Randall Museum to Launch Saturday Science Workshops Summer 2013


SF Rec and Park’s Randall Museum to Launch Saturday Science Workshops Summer 2013


SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco Recreation and Park Department announced the launch of Saturday Science Workshop series at Randall Museum today.  The Saturday Science starts at 10:30AM each Saturday which explore basic science concepts with hands-on, interactive activities connecting young scientists to these concepts while allowing them to take home the results of their work.


“In partnership with our Randall Museum Friends, SF Rec and Park is proud to present the Saturday Science Workshops that are fun, interactive and educational for kids,” said Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec and Park General Manager.  “This time, we say to our Randall Museum visitors: Come in and Play!”


“We encourage kids and their families to have fun while using art and science to learn about complicated scientific concepts,” said Marcus Wojtkowiak, Randall Museum Science Instructor. “Our Saturday drop-in science programs promote both creative expression and personal accomplishment. We hope children will come in for an hour and learn for a lifetime!”


The Saturday Science series starts with Crime Scene Science where children will find out how crime scene investigators use science to solve crimes.  Kids will learn how to brush for fingerprints and write secret message then will be able to find out who took the cookies from the cookie jar!


The second Saturday Science Workshop will focus on Seed Science where children will plant a seedling to take home and care for to grow into a beautiful living science project.  Following by Polymer where children will discover the properties of crazy substance by making sticky, fun goo!  Then at the fourth Saturday Science  workshop, children will explore Tree Science, together they will make an artful tree that shows the structure that keeps the trees alive.  Last but not least of the Saturday Science workshops will be the Bird Science showcasing hundreds of different types of birds that are constantly flying over the City.  Children will join the museum bird expert on a hike for bird watch tour.


SF Rec and Park’s Randall Museum offers youth and adults opportunities for active involvement and recreation in an integrated program of arts and sciences. The Museum houses changing science, art, and interactive exhibits. Permanent areas of the Museum include a live animal exhibit, a woodshop, art and ceramics studios, a 188-seat theater, a greenhouse, and gardens.


The Museum is also supported by Randall Museum Friends, an non-profit organization founded in 1954 to provide strategic private-sector leadership, fundraising and administration for SF Rec and Park’s Randall Museum programs.


**Please see attached for photos from Randall Museum previous Saturday Science Workshops**



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