SF Rec and Park Volunteer Group to Upgrade Glen Canyon Park Trail System

SAN FRANCISCO – Volunteers for Outdoor California (VOCal), in conjunction with the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, will lead a weekend volunteer project in which up to 160 volunteers will upgrade about one mile of trail in Glen Canyon Park. The event also includes camping overnight, sun showers, and having hot meals in the park. Volunteers will complete most of the trail bed/corridor on the canyon path which will eventually lead to Twin Peaks.


“VOCal is one of our premier volunteer groups that really goes above and beyond in taking ownership of their park,” said Phil Ginsburg, General Manager of SF Rec & Park. “We’re lucky to have had this partnership with VOCal over the last 10 years and are pleased to give them the opportunity to campout in the place where they’ve done so much good work.”


The weekend, beginning on Friday evening, will also consist of cleaning up existing trails, repairing drain dips, moving soil, removing tree stumps in the trail, and brushing back branches and blackberry bushes all over the park. The scope of this work will be done amidst the 70 acre park with large rock formations and with various plants and wildlife not found in any other part of San Francisco.


“It is very satisfying to be able to give back to our community and it’s fun to boot,” said Inome Callahan, Volunteer Glen Canyon Park Project Lead. “I love the camaraderie, feeling proud of the trails I’ve worked on, and feeling like I’ve really made a difference.”


Callahan, who has worked on over 20 projects with VOCal also said that this a great opportunity for hikers who want to have a direct impact on the trails that they will be hiking. VOCal will provide food, hot showers, and entertainment for all of the volunteers.


Glen Canyon Park is a natural area and large urban canyon that has incredible spring wildflower displays, dramatic rock (chert) formations, and Islais Creek, one of the few remaining free-flowing creeks in San Francisco. This 60 acres of wilderness, formerly referred to as the San Miguel Hills, not only provides critical habitat for a wide array of wildlife, but serves as a relaxing sanctuary from the city’s urban bustle. An extensive network of hiking trails leads through a variety of habitats, from the lush creekside vegetation to the rocky grass- and scrublands of the canyon’s steep eastern slope, where a profusion of wildflowers blooms each spring.


Glen Canyon is also home to a recreation center, sports field, and tennis courts which make up the final 10 acres of the park.


For more information, go to: https://sfrecpark.org/event/trail-restoration-volunteer-weekend-at-glen-canyon-park/



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