SF Rec and Park Turns Street Median Into New Urban Trail Park Presidio Trail

Park Presidio Trail opens in celebration of National Trails Day

SF Rec and Park Turns Street Median Into New Urban Trail
Park Presidio Trail opens in celebration of National Trails Day

SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department announced today the opening of a new urban trail alongside Park Presidio Boulevard in celebration of National Trails Day.  The new trail will provide public the access to green space as well as connection between Park Presidio and Golden Gate Park.  The area has been a street median, and SF Rec and Park has been working closely with neighbors and volunteers to create an urban trail in the area.  The trail begins on the islands located at 14th Ave and Balboa Street alongside of Park Presidio Blvd.  While the area has been a green space, the public has no access to the space due to overgrown trees and bushes.

Currently, starting from Balboa Street on 14th Ave, the public can enjoy the completed trail, from the direction toward Cabrillo Street, which now connects Park Presidio to Golden Gate Park.  SF Rec and Park will celebrate the National Trails Day by opening the brand new urban trail.

“With limited park land in our City, SF Rec and Park works hard to create a trail network that connects San Franciscans and visitors to open space and for them to enjoy,” said, Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec and Park General Manager.  “On National Trails Day, we are proud to showcase our urban trail system that provides easy public access to a natural oasis in an urban environment.”

“We are delighted to have a new trail connection that extends access to the Presidio’s extensive network of trails and bikeways” said Craig Middleton, Executive Director, Presidio Trust.  “We commend SF Rec and Park for their commitment to enhancing the experience of everyone who lives and visit San Francisco.”

According to American Hiking Society, the Nation has 200,000 miles of trails that allow public access to the natural world for recreation, education, exploration, solitude, inspiration, and much more. Trails provide the public good physical and mental health by offering the opportunity to breathe fresh air, get the heart pumping, and escape from stresses.

San Francisco’s natural areas contain almost 30 miles of urban trails, but many are in poor shape, difficult to access, uneven, steep, and prone to erosion so they are no longer safe for public use.  By constructing and improve these urban trails, SF Rec and Park’s Volunteer Services and Natural Areas Program create many trail connections that would establish regional trails so San Francisco residents and visitors can safely experience miles of uninterrupted open space throughout the City.

SF Rec and Park has recently completed trail improvement projects at Grand View Park, Billy Goat Hill, and Corona Heights.  Currently, the Department is working on Glen Canyon Trails, which is a year-long project to improve approximately 4 miles of trails.  In addition, the Department is also working on the McLaren Trail Connector that involves trail improvements to three trail gateways.  The upcoming trail improvements include Bayview Park, Bernal Heights, Golden Gate Park Oak Woodlands, Mt. Davidson Park and Twin Peaks.

The Natural Areas Program and Volunteer Services Program are part of San Francisco Rec and Park’s efforts to preserve natural resources, restore wild habitat, as well as develops community stewardship.  For more information about Natural Areas Program and Volunteer Services, please visit: www.sfrecpark.org.


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