SF Rec and Park to Award $1.2 Million to Community Groups

SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department announced today $1.2 million in funding for seven neighborhood park projects under its Community Opportunity Fund (COF), part of the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond. The COF allows residents, neighborhood groups and park advocates to apply for funding up to $500,000 for specific capital improvement projects at their parks and match the public funding with other private gifts and grants.

“This was the most competitive round of COFs that we’ve seen, all in the name of making our communities even more special,” said Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec and Park General Manager. “We are so proud of our partnership with the San Francisco Parks Alliance and our communities; together we are making significant differences in our neighborhood parks, and enhancing our green space. This is just one method of maintaining our relationships with these hardworking groups.”

About $5 million in total was requested for $1.2 million in available award funds. This is the fifth round of funding under both the 2008 and 2012 park bonds.

The Selection Committee includes community park advocates, landscape architects, and youth committee member who evaluate each project proposal and determine which projects warrant funding. Each recommended project has been thoroughly reviewed and discussed in its community. During the 5th round of COF grant process, applicants were required to publicly notice their outreach meetings, and all applications received a third-party cost review. The recommend projects are successful examples of Project Planning and Community Building, two central components of the Project Selection Criteria.

SF Rec & Park staff, in partnership with the San Francisco Parks Alliance, co-hosted COF Applicant Workshops to reach out to communities and help applicants with the application process. The workshops were spread across the City on different days of the week to accommodate as many potential applicants as possible. Workshop attendance was mandatory for applicants, and if needed, staff was available to meet with community members who were not able to attend. By working with community partners and their networks, the Department was able to reach significant number of park users and community advocates. In total, over 80 individuals attended the workshops which were required for applications this round.

The Selection Committee met several times to thoroughly evaluate and discuss each of the 16 application. The projects listed below are recommended for the 5th round of COF funding:

• Golden Gate Heights Park $289,534: New improved landscaping, pathways, seating and natural play area.

• Juri Commons $324,488: New improved pathways, landscaping, irrigation and entry.

• Fillmore Turk Mini Park $330,000: New improved landscaping, seating, drainage and tables.

• Waller Street/ Golden Gate Skate Park $65,331: Addition of a few skatepark elements near Waller and Stanyan Streets.

• Camp Mather $103,903: Court improvements to make a multi-purpose basketball and sports court.

• Youngblood Coleman Park $70,000: New park features including benches, grills, picnic tables, activity boards, bollards, and drinking fountain.

• Corona Heights States Street Community Garden Improvements $15,000: Improvements to the existing community garden working with the community gardeners.

The projects recommended for award total $1,198,256. For more information on the COF program, visit: http://bit.ly/1cp3ApV.


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