SF Rec and Park Presents Get Out and Play at Golden Gate Park on Christmas Day!


SF Rec and Park Presents Get Out and Play at Golden Gate Park on Christmas Day!


SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco Recreation and Park Department today announced that destinations in Golden Gate Park will be opened for San Francisco families to visit on Christmas Day.  The Botanical Garden, Japanese Tea Garden, and Stow Lake will open to public all day.


The San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum grows and conserves plants from around the world–more than 8,000 varieties in 55 acres of landscaped gardens and open spaces. Stroll through a redwood grove or a cloud forest, and explore gardens of flora from Chile, Australia, California, and more. Kids in particular love the waterfowl pond, where the public will see geese, swans, and many other birds.


The Japanese Tea Garden is the oldest public Japanese tea garden in the United States, created for the 1894 California Midwinter International Exposition and later expanded by Japanese immigrant Makoto Hagiwara. The public can enjoy its elaborate carved gates and five-story pagoda, high-arching Drum Bridge, koi ponds, and stone lanterns, as well as the many Japanese and Chinese plants adorning its five acres.


In addition, at Stow Lake, families can rent a boat and paddle around the park’s biggest lake, past an old stone bridge, a waterfall, and a Chinese pavilion. Or climb Strawberry Hill, an island in the center of the lake, for views of the city.


Also, throughout Christmas Day, families can visit the Bison herd at the Bison Paddock, a beloved San Francisco institution since 1899 where the Bison Paddock actually houses a herd of American bison. Families can visit the shaggy beasts in their enclosure near the park’s western end, next to Spreckels Lake.


San Francisco families are encouraged to get out and enjoy nature and wildlife in Golden Gate Park as a celebration on Christmas Day. 



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