SF Rec and Park Opens Historic Greenbelt Park after 50 Years of Access Ban

Saturday, June 4, 2011


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SF Rec and Park Opens Historic Greenbelt Park after 50 Years of Access Ban
SF Rec & Park Celebrates National Trails Day with Historic Park Grand Opening

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (RPD) celebrated the National Trails Day with the grand opening of the Interior Greenbelt Park, a historic 12 acres open space on Saturday, June 4, 2011.  In addition, RPD introduced to the public a historic trail that links the park to Mount Sutro, which would open up a total of 72 acres of open space for public access.

“We are so inspired by how the opening of this historic park can miraculously lead us to the magnificent Mount Sutro, and how we are able to view our great city from a whole new perspective.” said, Phil Ginsburg, RPD General Manager. “This is one of those moments that makes us appreciate the work that we do, and the people who volunteer to help us get the work done.”

The City and County of San Francisco purchased the open space for the public in the 1950’s, however, with the request from residents nearby, the open space was gated since the 1960’s.  The Interior Greenbelt Park features the long hidden Woodland Creek, and a half mile of trail constructed during the 1880’s which leads to Mount Sutro.

“It is amazing how San Franciscans can now have access to more open space in our urban neighborhoods after decades of restriction.” said Supervisor Sean Elsbernd.  “I thank SF Rec and Park, and their volunteers for the tremendous efforts of restoring the historic trail and opening the Interior Greenbelt Park.”

For the past three years, RPD, the Sutro Stewards and UCSF joined in partnership to restore the historic trail starting at 17th and Stanyan Streets in Cole Valley. The trail and property, once belonging to Adolph Sutro, runs through one of the largest urban canyons located in the heart of San Francisco, providing residents and visitors a transforming outdoors experience without leaving the City.

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