SF Rec and Park Launches Healthy Parks, Healthy People

In collaboration with an international movement, Rec & Park cultivates healthy communities

SAN FRANCISCO— With the start of National Park and Recreation Month this past weekend comes the beginning of a new program for San Francisco Recreation and Parks: Healthy Parks, Healthy People. In partnership with Institute at the Golden Gate, this program is meant to provide approachable, culturally relevant park programming for communities with high health needs. The program, originally kicked off in the Bay Area on June 1, will continue in San Francisco every Saturday.

“Together, we are creating a healthier San Francisco through the regular use and enjoyment of parks and public areas right here in our own backyards,” said Phil Ginsburg, General Manager of San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

This Saturday, July 6, 2013 marks the commencement of the hiking series. City dwellers will be able to choose from a variety of hikes every Saturday from 10am -12:30pm, beginning at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. The 2.3-mile walk around the lake up to Strawberry Hill contains an oral history of Golden Gate Park as well as tutorials of the natural landscape and native plant species.

The third Saturday of the month offers a walk at McLaren Park, San Francisco’s second largest park. Because this particular hike occurs along the Philosopher’s Trail, Rec and Park staff talk about nature’s important role in mental health.

For more information on upcoming hikes, visit www.sfrecpark.org.

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