SF Rec and Park Commission Approves Geneva Community Garden Conceptual Design


SF Rec and Park Commission Approves Geneva Community Garden Conceptual Design


SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco Recreation and Park Department announced today that the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission’s approval of the Geneva Community Garden renovation.  This is a project funded by the Department’s Community Opportunity Fund, a program of the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond.  The total budget for the community garden renovation is an estimate of $600,000.


“Our Office works closely with SF Rec and Park in investing in green space to build healthy neighborhoods,” said District 11 Supervisor John Avalos.  “One of several urban agriculture projects I am promoting in D11, the Geneva Community Garden will be an exciting community hub for our residents.”


“SF Rec and Park supports and manages more than 36 community gardens throughout the City, and we lead the City’s first Urban Agriculture Program to advance urban farming,” said Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec and Park General Manager.  “Community gardening is a great way to build sustainable green space in our park system.”


The Geneva Community Garden will be located on Geneva Ave Strip at Geneva and Delano Aves in District 11 near the Excelsior neighborhood.  Currently, the site is undeveloped and is an estimate of little more than 10,000 square feet with a few fruit and evergreen trees.  The conceptual design includes a primary entrance and public bench along Delano Ave; accessible areas of common gardening amenities such as tool shed, compost bins, greenhouses and picnic table; 52 garden plots; widening and fencing of the sidewalk; solar-powered lights; and preservation of the three existing fruit trees. 


In 2009, driven by community interest, District 11 Supervisor John Avalos secured $30,000 of general fund for the preliminary planning of a community garden in the neighborhood.  In April and June 2010, SF Rec and Park presented a garden design plan with input from the residents and District 11 Council.  Later, the design plan was approved by the SF Recreation and Park Commission. 



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