SF Rec and Park Celebrates Lincoln Park Art Tiles Steps

SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department in partnership with the Friends of Lincoln Park, and San Francisco Parks Alliance has completed the installation of art tiles on the steps of Lincoln Park located at the end of California Street and 33rd Avenue.  The project provides a welcoming entry into Lincoln Park (was the playground recently redone?).  The Steps will be open to the public starting Monday, April 27th.


“Support from the community is key to a great park system,” said Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec and Park General Manager.  “We thank The Friends of Lincoln Park, and SF Parks Alliance for their contribution to beautifying Lincoln Park steps, making it one of the most accessible and delightful entries in our park system.”


In December 2008, the SF Recreation and Park Commission approved the conceptual design to repair the steps, landings, pillars, benches, sidewalls and to install ornamental mosaic tiles, designed by a local artist, on the vertical surfaces. The stair treads and landings were treated with slip resistance tiles approved by the Mayor’s Office on Disability.  And the top bench and retaining wall of the Steps were completed in 2012


“Over seven years ago, when we started this project, we had very high hopes for the renovation of this dilapidated, century old staircase that would turn it into a stunning one of-a-kind art tile project.  We were not sure, however, if we were going to be able to complete the full vision or have to settle for a smaller scope.  It is an incredible feeling to be able to loop up and admire the completed project.  We are thrilled with results and hope that it will add to the unique beauty of the neighborhood and the City of San Francisco,” said Anna Yatroussis and Meg Autry of the Friends of Lincoln Park.  “This project was conceived as a way to improve a forgotten, blighted area which suffered from constant graffiti, and garbage dumping.  The original grand size and style made for an impressive canvas for the artist Alieen Barr who made the design and the hand-made tiles.  The project has been a successful public and private endeavor.  We are grateful for the guidance of our fiscal sponsor San Francisco Parks Alliance, the generous San Francisco Recreation and Park Department grants which the project was awarded, the support from the neighborhood, Katherine Delmar Burke School and many individuals who donated time, talent and treasure to make this vision a reality.”


“We feel incredibly privileged to have worked with the Friends of Lincoln Park Steps and the Recreation and Park Department on this significant project.  The Lincoln Park Steps are now a breathtaking public asset that will inspire San Franciscans for decades to come,” said Matt O’Grady, Chief Executive Officer of the San Francisco Parks Alliance.  “Hard work, dedication, and collaborate partnerships were the keys to this project’s success.”


In 2010, the Friends of Lincoln Park Steps received $183,000 grant funding from the Community Opportunity Fund, a grant program from the 2008 Parks Bond, to implement these improvements.  In addition, the Friends of Lincoln Park raised $5,000 and rallied the community to raise another $200,000 contributing to the steps renovation.  The construction of the steps began fall 2014.


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