SF Rec and Park Announces Unanimous Coit Tower Operator Approval


SF Rec and Park Announces Unanimous Coit Tower Operator Approval

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco Recreation and Park Department announced today that the San Francisco Board of Supervisor has unanimously approved the Coit Tower Operator contract.  The new operator, Coit Tower LLC, an entity formed by Mr. Terry Grim is the operator who will manage the gift shop, food and beverage operation and elevator operation concessions at Coit Tower with a five year lease agreement, with one three-year option to extend the contract with SF Rec and Park.  Coit Tower LLC will be making a total of $75,000 in capital improvement in and around Coit Tower, which will elevate the atmosphere and ambience of the Tower to a museum status.


“Coit Tower is an international landmark and one of the City’s top destination with incredible views of the City as well as unique and priceless WPA-era mural,” said Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec and Park General Manager.  “This new contact will ensure an ongoing maintenance fund for the preservation and protection of the murals at Coit Tower.”


In October of 2011, SF Rec and Park issued a Request for Proposal for the elevator and concessions at Coit Tower.  The Department included input from years of discussion with surrounding neighborhood groups such as the Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD) and the Pioneer Park Project (PPP) and incorporated the overwhelming majority of the neighborhood groups’ goals and objectives in the RFP.  In June, 2012, the SF Rec and Park Commission unanimously selected Coit Tower, LLC as the preferred operator for Coit Tower.


As the new Coit Tower operator, Coit Tower, LLC has proposed a high quality concession similar to one that is provided within a museum, which includes a Coit Tower Bookstore with a robust docent program that incorporates the elevator operation, and docent and audio tours.  In addition, Coit Tower, LLC will ensure the murals are adequately protected at all times, which comply with the Mural Protection Guidelines developed by the San Francisco Arts Commission. 


Moreover, SF Rec and Park has provided a funding of $1.7 million from capital improvement project savings to restore Coit Tower and its murals.  The funds are expected to be adequate to undertake interim preservation work on the murals as well as the comprehensive restoration plan.  Furthermore, the funds has provided a number of repairs and maintenance improvements including replacing the roof, repainting the lobby to the original 1933 historic color, renovating the bathrooms and performing various ADA upgrades.  The restoration is expected to be completed in April, 2014. 


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