SF Examiner: Street Soccer USA

Two men participating in street soccer

A person going from living on the streets to enjoying an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe — where she is called on to represent the United States — is impressive.

But to have that person also transform from an invisible human to a valued person with a job and a future? That’s an incredible journey.

Documentary filmmaker Micha X. Peled heard this tale and followed it. As an avid soccer fan, he knew sports had transformative potential, but this was something else entirely.

He spent almost two years following eight women, including one San Franciscan, on their paths from living on the streets to playing for the U.S. in the Homeless World Cup last year in Poland.

The result, the feature-length “Goal! An Incredible Journey,” is now $20,000 away from completion. Peled is hoping that a Kickstarter campaign can help finish the film and spread the good news.