SF Conservation Corps to begin preparation work for new trail Aug. 8

Twin Peaks Outreach

We are excited to report that we are beginning Phase I of the Twin Peaks Trails Improvement Project.  Phase I is part of our “Creeks to Peaks” initiative to connect Glen Canyon with Twin Peaks.  Beginning on August 8, the San Francisco Conservation Corps will be clearing blackberry, ivy and other brush from a corridor approximately 10’-20’ from the guardrail that runs along Twin Peaks Boulevard just north of Portola Avenue so that volunteers can build a new trail there that will be separated from the roadway by the guardrail.  You may have noticed flagging on site in the last couple of weeks.  This flagging is to mark the approximate location of the prep work for the new trail.  Please note that the Conservation Corps will be removing brush from, or “brushing” this 10’-20’ corridor to accommodate access for trail construction and to discourage some of these invasive species from quickly taking over the trail.  The finished trail, however, will not take up that much width.

Please click here for a visual of where the new trail will be (dashed yellow line).  The construction of the trail will be completed in partnership with Volunteers for Outdoor California (V-O-Cal) on September 28th and 29th.  If you would like to volunteer with us on either or both of those days, please visit the V-O-Cal website to learn more information and register.

The rest of the trail improvements shown in the conceptual plan are anticipated to be completed in 2014 by a contractor.  Please stay tuned for more information on the timing of this work.