SF Chronicle: McLaren Park Trail Loop Offers Great Views

Groupshot at McLaren Park Trail loop dedication

The new Philosopher’s Way trail, dedicated Saturday in San Francisco, meanders through McLaren Park, weaving onto vistas of the city and the Bay Area and into groves of redwoods and cypress… The 2.7-mile trail loop holds expansive views of the region, including Mount Diablo, Mount Tamalpais, Angel Island and the Pacific Ocean – assuming it’s a clear day.

“It puts you in the center of all the components of where we live, of what gives the Bay Area its character,” said Peter Richards, an artist who co-designed it. “You can place yourself in the region.”

But to place a center of the region, even metaphorically, in McLaren Park was in itself a statement. To many of the residents and politicians gathered for the dedication, this southeastern corner of the region’s defining city has long felt neglected, cut out of tourist maps and ignored by the downtown power structure.