Seeding Planting and Fencing Completed at Twin Peaks Portola Trail

Fencing and Pittosporum Planting along Portola Trail

Happy to report that we have completed trail side planting and split rail fencing along the new Portola Trail on the south side of Twin Peaks.  Rice straw mulch has been added to trail side areas that have been seeded.  We have also engaged a contractor for plant establishment maintenance to help give the plants the best start they can get.  A reminder to please stay on the trail to help the new plants to establish.

We have also contacted colleagues from the Department of Public Works to express community interest in restoring the asphalt berm along the eastern side of Twin Peaks Boulevard and in installation of a crosswalk at the top end of the new Portola Trail.  Please stay tuned as we will share updates as we have them.  Please also feel free to contact the Department of Public Works directly to ask for these improvements.

Looking north at new planting and fencingStraw mulch over seeded trail side areas