Save the Date: May 8 Open House for Twin Peaks Figure 8 Concept Design

Bicyclist and pedestrians enjoying closed roadway

Save the date and join us for an Open House to review and collect input on proposed designs for the eastern half of the Twin Peaks Boulevard “Figure 8”:

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

6:30 – 8:00 pm

Midtown Terrace Clubhouse

Clarendon Ave + Olympia Way

Rec and Park staff, together with SFMTA staff, recommend extending the Twin Peaks Figure 8 Pilot, which uses paint and concrete barriers to designate the eastern half of the Figure 8 roadway for people walking and biking. The Pilot has been in place since July 2016, during which time the SFMTA conducted an evaluation of the pilot configuration and collected community feedback. For more information about the Pilot evaluation, please visit For more background information, please see the project update sent out previous to this one by clicking here.

A reminder that the SFMTA Board will decide on Tuesday, April 17 whether to continue this current configuration. Members of the public are welcome to attend this hearing and provide comment (1 pm, City Hall Room 400).  Alternatively, input can be sent via email to

The purpose of the open house on May 8 is to review and discuss a proposed design for converting the closed roadway into more of a promenade focused on pedestrian and bicyclist experience.  Join us to see what’s planned and provide feedback.  This is a follow up from the open house in June 2015 at which various roadway configurations were discussed.  We recognize that weeknight open houses are difficult for some folks to attend, so we will also make an online survey available following the workshop.  Stay tuned for more details.

Here are some photos of people enjoying the space on a recent Sunday afternoon:

People walking from Christmas Tree PointFamily enjoying the closed portion of roadwayLots of people enjoyingLooking southeast from Christmas Tree Point