San Francisco State University Freshmen Welcome Days

SFSU at Bercut Equitation Field

On Saturday, August 24, SFRPD collaborated with community partners, the SF Parks Alliance and the Dept of Public Works to host a day of volunteer service at Lake Merced and Golden Gate Park for incoming students to San Francisco State University and the University of San Francisco.   Over 120 matriculating freshmen received a hands-on civics lesson by participating in native habitat restoration at Lake Merced alongside SFRPD Natural Areas staff.  Volunteers assisted in planting trees, removing invasive ice plant and picking-up litter along the banks and pathways of the lake.   In Golden Gate Park, forty students spruced up the Bercut Equitation Field, pulling weeds, raking hay and removing debris along the perimeter of the corral.  The day proved to be a warm welcome to some of the newest visitors to the City of San Francisco park system.