RPD Training Announcement for Staff

Safety Training Reminder
This is a reminder of the trainings that you and your staff need to complete. To help in completing these requirements, tips and helpful links have been included in the message below. Please contact Steve Shapiro at (415)831-2792 with any questions and concerns you might have. You can also visit the Staff Training page for a more descriptive overview of the required trainings and for all of the forms mentioned in this email.

Mandatory Training
– To review your status for Mandatory Trainings according to records submitted to EHS, please follow these steps:
o Visit the sfrecpark/reports page on the intranet, go to the EHS folder, and then click on either Mandatory Training or PPAR SAMs Completed. Search by your supervisor’s name, and click “view report” to check your status.
o Tables with just an “X” or a date without an asterisk signify that your requirement has been completed. If there is an asterisk, either accompanied by a date or by an “X,” then this signifies your training is due for renewal and needs to be retaken.

– Disaster Service Worker and Personal Preparedness
o Disaster Service Worker Video Training
o Personal Preparedness Video Training
o To complete these trainings, please watch either or both videos, and submit a Training Documentation Form to EHS including each.

– Safety Awareness Meetings (SAM)
o The Safe Work Practices (SWP) you use to complete a SAM are listed on the intranet in the FY 15-16 SAM Matrix
o You can find the SAMs you specifically need to complete in the IIPP by Risk Group (i.e., 9910 Temporary As Need, Administration, Aquatics, etc) on pages 8-21
o You can find all of the links to the SWPs you need in the SWP Index.
o To complete some of the most common trainings all at once, you can enroll in a free SAM Intensive training with EHS.
• Check the “Training Calendar” in the EHS folder of the sfrecpark/reports intranet for upcoming trainings.
• These classes are offered once per quarter and the next class is 3/15/16 at 10 a.m. at the County Fair Building.
• Please make sure to submit a Staff Development Request Form to EHS in order to enroll.


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