Creeks to Peaks

Trail is now open!

Following the Islais Creek trail, the Creeks to Peaks trail introduce you to the ecosystems of San Francisco. The 1.8 mile, moderate to strenuous, trail connects Glen Canyon’s Islais Creek to the iconic summit of Twin Peaks. Providing easy access to a natural oasis within an urban environment.

Glen Canyon gives you a sense of an escape from the city. You will find a variety of habitats from lush creekside vegetation to rocky grass and scrublands. Each Spring the canyon’s steep eastern slope wildflowers profusely bloom.

The city peeks through as you follow the trail across Portola Dr and up Twin Peaks Blvd. The top of these adjacent peaks provide 360° postcard views and a treasure trove of animal and plant diversity.

Along the trail make sure to take a moment to listen and take in the surroundings of the natural world.

Pack it in and pack it out, please help keep our Natural Areas beautiful.