Fay Park

The garden’s three terraces, connected by stairs and ramps, climb the hillside for half a city block, lined with stone balustrades and retaining walls, ornamental planting beds, and boxwood hedges. At the top are two latticed wooden gazebos and an overlook with views of San Francisco Bay.

Wedding Site FEATURES

  1. Only ONE reservation per weekend (Sat-Sun) at Fay Park
  2. There are three levels to Fay Park, the top level is where there are two white gazebos, which is where people often like to get married. The top level of the park can fit up to 30 people seated.
  3. Amplified Sound is not allowed at his location.
  4. Chairs and tables are not provided at this site.
  5. Max capacity for this site is 100 people.
  6. Closest Restroom: There is one restroom inside the Fay House, with access from Fay Park. The SFRPD staff member assigned to the Fay Park rental, will have the key to use the restroom.  This is the ONLY access inside the building.
  7. Staffing is required at an additional cost of $25 per hour.
  8. Parking is on the public city streets surrounding Fay Park.  There is no loading/unloading zone or service road.
  9. For events involving more than 50 adults, alternative arrangements for parking of vehicles must be made prior to the event date.
  10. Use of outdoor space only and a single indoor restroom.

Reservation Policy

  1. Reservations can be made beginning at 9am one year in advance of the event date. If the date one year in advance falls on a holiday or a Sunday, then the following business day at 9am, the reservation can be accepted.
  2. Reservations have a two hour minimum and are always on the full hour
  3. Only one reservation per weekend is allowed at this wedding site.
  4. Renters are responsible for bagging and removing all garbage generated from the rental off site, upon completion of the rental, and departure from the park.


Fay Park is located on Leavenworth Street and Chestnut Street.


Location: 2366 Leavenworth St, San Francisco, CA 94133
Reservation Fee: $264.00
Hourly Rate (2 Hour Minimum): $66.00
Staff Salary (per hour): $25/hour for Recreation Leader
Refundable Cleaning/Damage Deposit: $500.00
Reception Allowed: Yes
Maximum Capacity: 100
Parking: Street - limited availability
Restrooms: Yes
Indoor Area: No


Reservation & Payment Procedures

Rules and Regulations


Capacity: 100
Location: 2366 Leavenworth St, San Francisco, CA 94133
Latitude: 37.8029
Longitude: -122.4178

Location Map