Civic Center Plaza (Joseph Alioto Piazza)

San Francisco’s Civic Center is located in the heart of the city, and contains many of San Francisco’s largest government and cultural organizations. Many of the buildings are built in the classical architecture style, giving the plaza a regal look and feel. Civic Center Plaza contains a vast amount of the city’s history, designating it a National Historic Landmark. The large, open plaza is a peaceful center for busy commuters and workers during the week and is a cultural hub during the weekends. It also sits atop an underground parking garage and has both a BART and MUNI underground station located nearby.


The following fees apply to daily rates for commercial or non-profit 501(c)3 entities. This does not include additional fees that may be required for your event, such as amplified sound, application fee, staffing, or permits required from other agencies.

Area Commercial Fees Non-Profit Fees
Civic Center Plaza $31,739 $15,870


Set Up and Take Down Hours: 7am-7pm
Amplified Sound-Weekdays: M-F: 12-1:30PM; 5PM- 9PM
Amplified Sound-Weekends: Sat-Sun: 9AM-10PM
Capacity: 25,000
Acreage: 4.53
Power: Not Available
Restrooms: Decoux - one (1) stall bathroom
Parking: Underground Structure
Location: McAllister St & Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, SF 94102
Latitude: 37.7795
Longitude: -122.4176
Dimensioned Map: Civic Center Plaza (Joseph Alioto Piazza) Dimensions

Location Map