The Botanical Garden – Moon Viewing Garden

Escape from the usual city environment and immerse yourself in the peaceful Moon Viewing Garden. Filled with beautiful plants and stone pagodas from Japan this private garden will install a zen feeling for your special occasion.

Wedding Site FEATURES

  1. The Moon Viewing Garden is located in the Western side of the Botanical Gardens. See the ‘Botanical Gardens Map’ for details.
  2. The SF Botanical Gardens and wedding sites are still open to the public during the wedding ceremony.
  3. The Moon Viewing Platform is 10ft x 15ft
  4. The guest viewing area is approx 200ft long, surrounding the platform.
  5. Amplified sound is not allowed at this location.
  6. Chairs and tables are not provided at this site.
  7. Max capacity for this site is 50 people.
  8. Closest restrooms are located near the North/Friend Gate.
  9. Parking is open to the public; The Music Concourse Parking Facility is located on Fulton Street and 10th Avenue or accessible on Music Concourse Way. It is open seven days a week; rates apply.


  1. An in-person meeting must be had at the Botanical Gardens, prior to the event date, to go over loading/unloading procedures with the Park Ranger supervisor.  It is advised that the renter, the event planner(if there is one), and the equipment vendor be present for this meeting.  The meeting will take place on a weekday date prior to the wedding, Monday-Friday.
  2. There must be a Park Ranger and one Recreation Leader assigned to the wedding on the event date. Please contact our staff for additional details.
  3. Reservation times must include all set-up, break-down, and clean-up time.  This includes all time for vendors, such as chair rental vendors, to be on site at the Botanical Gardens.
  4. The rental party is responsible for the clean-up and removal of all items brought into the gardens and park.  All items brought into the gardens, must be removed at the end time of the reservation.
  5. Reservations can be made between 9am-sunset, up to one year in advance of the event date.
  6. Reservations have a two hour minimum and are always on the full hour.
  7. Only up to two wedding permits per day, with a one hour leeway time in between (e.g., first wedding is from 10:00am-2:00pm, the second wedding may be from 3:00-6:00pm)


Located on the Western side of the San Francisco Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park. The Moon Viewing Garden is closest to the North/Friend Gate on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive & Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive.

See the Botanical Gardens Map for details.


Location: 1199 9th Avenue, San Francisco 94122 - In GGP
Reservation Fee: $318.00
Hourly Rate (2 Hour Minimum): $477.00
Staff Salary (per hour): See 'Reservation Policy'
Refundable Cleaning/Damage Deposit: $1,000.00
Reception Allowed: No
Maximum Capacity: 50
Parking: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
Indoor Area: No


Reservation & Payment Procedures

Rules and Regulations


Capacity: 50
Location: 1199 9th Avenue, San Francisco 94122 - In GGP
Latitude: 37.7665
Longitude: -122.4666

Location Map