Request For Proposals For the Lease and Operation of the Lake Merced Boathouse

The Recreation and Park Department (the “Department”) of the City and County of San Francisco (the “City”) is soliciting proposals from qualified respondents to lease and operate a concession in the Lake Merced Boathouse (the “Facility”). This is a phenomenal opportunity to operate a recreational‐themed restaurant in a location with amazing lakefront views and a captive recreational setting with boaters of all types. The Facility is within a stone’s throw of the San Francisco Zoo, adjacent to the PlaygroundA Tour level course Harding Park, and less than a quarter of a mile from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area’s Ocean Beach. The Facility sits on a narrow isthmus between two lakes that offer crew boating, dragon boating, sailing, and canoeing, hiking,as well as multiple fishing docks and active wildlife viewing. There is currently very little food service competition in the immediate vicinity, and the facility has a parking lot for approximately 100 spaces. Lake Merced is one of the city’s rapidly growing areas due to the upcoming construction at ParkMerced.