Reminder – Deadline for Community Opportunity Fund Round 5 Draft Applications – April 3rd!

Hi folks,

All of you that are applying for Round 5 COF, I just wanted to remind you that Round 5 COF draft applications are due on April 3rd.

  • – If you are planning to apply, I should be corresponding with you, and confirming if you need additional community meetings, or if you applied last round, you do not need to hold them.
  • – If you did need community meetings, your flyer should have already been submitted to me, mailed out to the public, and the meetings are either completed or on-going, to wrap up soon for the DRAFT application deadline.
  • – Again, you are reminded to work closely with the Parks Service Area managers to review the items you are considering in your application. Their feedback and review is essential.

Here is the link, please see the materials in all areas, but the “Round 5 Application Instructions and Materials” should be particularrly helpful.

Remember:  Draft Applications are due at or before 4 pm April 3, 2015.

 Mail/Deliver two hard copies and one digital copy (CD or Thumb Drive) to Community Opportunity Fund – Round 5,

c/o General Manager’s Office  McLaren Lodge, 501 Stanyan Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.


(415) 575-5601  |