Team Practice Sites/Times Not Provided

Practice Locations:   Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to provide practice locations for futsal teams. We have only 17 gyms throughout the city to serve both basketball and futsal.  We just don’t have the capacity. Many teams play without practices. For those teams who want to practice, many have worked with local schools, or practiced outside on blacktops.  There will be limited opportunities for practices through the Recreation and Park Department.

  • Outdoor field space – Most of our grass fields are closed in the winter for rest. We will have a limited amount of space available for rental. Cost is $31 for a half-pitch per hour plus $12 per hour for lights and will be available consistently for several weeks in a row. Teams will be sent additional information about this in a few weeks.
  • Gym rentals – We are only able to rent gym space when the recreation center is otherwise closed to the public and is not being used by a Rec and Park After-School Program. This is generally limited to Saturdays after 5 pm, Sundays (when there are no futsal games) and Mondays (at certain sites). Costs will be $92 per hour plus up to $72 per day in staffing (depending if there are other rentals) as well as a refundable $250 deposit/performance bond and availability will vary from week to week. If you are interested in this option, please submit the Indoor Facility Request Form that can be accessed from this page: can be submitted ONLY on or after Wed, Nov 14. Forms submitted prior to Wed, Nov 14 will be deleted from the system without consideration. Requests for practice time on Tue, Wed, Thu or Fri will not be considered. Requests for practice time on Sat from 9am – 5pm will not be considered.