SFRPD Jose Coronado Indoor Soccer League Rules

Updated October 2019

1. You must register by turning in team roster to

2. Age cut-off date is January 1, 2020.

3. Each division in the league is limited to 9 teams. Extra teams will be placed on a waiting list.  The division of each team will be determined by their record and position in the 2019 standings and/or their records in other leagues.

4. The League may rightly exclude from membership, (new or returning) any team whose coach, manager or other affiliated official individual has exhibited conduct contrary to established League Rules.

5. Participants may play for one division only and one team during the entire season. Violation of this rule may result in forfeit from the league.

6. Additions and deletions to the official roster must be done in writing with the league coordinator by the Monday after the second games of the season (1/13/20).  This includes player transfers.  NO other changes will be allowed after this time.

7.Coach Passes: All coaches on the floor, working with the kids, must be on our Official Coach List. Coaches must check in prior to the game, and show a picture ID, to confirm they’re on the list.

Player Passes: Confirm that each Player’s name is on our Official Roster.  For the Rec Divisions, they’ll need only line up and say their names. For the Intermediate and Advanced Divisions, they’ll line up and say their names AND provide Player Pass.  A player pass can be digital or physical, as long as it shows the name of the child next to his or her picture. Rosters freeze on Monday, January 13th at 5:00pm….so, for the first two weeks, Player Passes aren’t necessary.  Everyone’s on their honor.

8. If you are participating in State Cup, Association Cup or Founders Cup, your team may be given only one bye for the season. You must notify the league of the date you wish to have as a bye at the time of registration. All other games will be played in accordance with the schedule. There will be no changes after the schedules are finalized. No US Club Cups or any other sectional Cups requests will be granted byes.

9. All U5, U6, U7 and U8 divisions will not have post seasons. These divisions will be given participation awards. Suitable awards will be presented to the top two teams for U9 divisions and above.

10. The League suggests that all teams do not run up the score on each other in the spirit of good sportsmanship and for the well being of our players.  The actual scores will be reported, but there will be a seven goal differential when computing the standings for U9 and above divisions.

11. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players, parents and their fans. Teams are subject to disciplinary action by the board if parents and or their spectators get out of order and or get engaged in unsporting behavior.

12. Make-up games may be allowed on case-by-case basis.  Requests for certain times/dates can be made prior to the publication of the preliminary schedule.

13. Game time is forfeit time, except for the first game of the day when a 5-minute waiting period will be observed or when there are delays from previous games. Teams that forfeit will be charged $100.00 for each forfeit. The forfeit fee must be paid before your next scheduled game via check and made payable to SF Rec and Park.

14. Each team is limited to a maximum of 12 players on their roster with an absolute minimum of 7 players. Teams will have until the Monday after their second scheduled game to make any adjustments to their rosters.The league will charge $25 extra for each additional player beyond the maximum allowed of 12 players.

16. Judgment calls may not be protested. Rule interpretation protests must be reported to the officials at the time of the infraction. All other appeals must be provided in writing, turned in within 3 working days to a league coordinator and accompanied by a check of $50 dollars payable to SF Rec and Park. If your protest is upheld, the $50 dollar fee will be returned.

17. No black sole shoes are allowed on gym floors. All players must wear only tennis or indoor soccer shoes. No jewelry.  No hard casts.

18. No food or drinks are allowed on the court.  Only bottled water is allowed during games.

19. Forfeited games constitute a score of 3 to 0.

20. For playoffs and finals when a winner is necessary the following rules must be observed:

a. Two overtime periods of 5 minutes each (with no stop clock, except for the last minute of the second overtime period).

b. If tie persist then 5 penalties per side.

c.  If tie persist then 1 alternating penalty per side (sudden death).

21Tie-breakers –If there are any ties in the standings and when determining seeds for the post-season brackets the following will be observed: a. Head to Head Competition, b. Total Goals Against  c. Total Goal For d. Coin Toss.

22. Home teams are responsible for change of uniform if conflict arises. Home teams are also responsible for game ball. If the home team forgets the game ball, then visiting team may provide a ball.

23. The league will be accumulating yellow cards. Two yellow cards will equal one red card which will cause the offending player to be suspended for the following game. This rule also applies for playoffs and finals. One straight red card will result in a suspension for at least one game; with the prospect of more games depending on the severity of the infraction (i.e. fight). Any straight red carded player will also not be allowed to physically attend any games as a spectator at any of our facilities for which he or she may be sitting out a game. Non-compliance to this rule may result in the player being ejected from the league.