Community Recreation Council (CRC)

Facility Coordinator speaking at a Community Meeting

Here at the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department, we believe that community engagement is important in every aspect of our department. We serve many diverse communities, and when it comes to making decisions we turn to our community for help. The Community Recreation Council (CRC) is a group created by SFRPD to connect recreation staff with community leaders and members who want to make a difference at their favorite parks. During these meetings the community comes together along with the staff at our several sites to gather input for events, programs and projects at each site.

How do I apply?

Please get involve and help plan recreational programs at your community recreational facility. Make a difference at your park, and join your Community Recreation Council. Please fill out the online Community Recreation Council application provided. Each applicant participates in an interview process. Upon completing a successful interview, a fingerprinting process will be needed and provided. The Facility Coordinator will contact you with the Community Recreation Council meeting dates and orientation. Thank you for your interest.

Community Recreation Council Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in joining your recreation center's Community Recreation Council. Joining a CRC requires an interview process and background check. Please take a few minutes to fill out a form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.