Recent Construction Photos of Joe DiMaggio Playground

We’re moving along quickly over at the Joe DiMaggio Playground & I have a few exciting updates and photos to share:

The asphalt is down at the new tennis courts. Next week, you’ll start to see walls painted, the fences installed, and then the final athletic surfacing and striping installed.  The tennis courts will be the first completed zone in the park. Here’s a view looking at the new courts and stair access (another ramp will be installed on the northern edge of the courts):

Joe DiMaggio - tennis court asphalt and steps

The contractor is focusing a lot of energy into the old Mason Street parcel adjacent to the library. Most of the walls and stairs will be complete in the next few weeks.Joe DiMaggio PG - looking at Mason Street formworkThe playground is starting to take shape too, with walls defining its boundaries. The large olive tree in the center of this photo was transplanted from the bocce court area. It will provide nice shade when we reopen the site.Joe DiMaggio - view of playground zone under constructionThe contractor has tested the installation of concrete along the exterior wall – this is where the donor tiles will be installed. This test panel has turned out very nice and the next step is a test of the actual tiles. Swing by and take a look yourself!Joe DiMaggio PG - donor tile concrete wallAnd finally – in what the contractor described as “the nicest thing that’s ever happened to us at a construction site,” a few local children stopped by the site on a hot day with cold lemonade and cookies. They wanted to personally thank the contractors for building them a new playground. It was a wonderful treat for the crew – thank you!Joe DiMaggio - cookies and lemonade