Upper Douglass Dog Park -Update 6/1/2014

Can you spot the grid pattern throughout the field? Those are 1”wide by 9” deep sand channels that will aid the soil in absorbing standing water. The sand removes the water from the surface so the top soil won’t get muddy and also holds moisture within the soil so the lawn can absorb … Continue reading

Upper Douglass Dog Park – Update 03/18/2014

Good news! Construction started this week at Upper Douglass Dog Park. Over the next two weeks, there will be minimal site work as the lead contractor samples the soil before mobilizing for construction end of the month. Then there will be several months of construction such as trenching, installing additional catch … Continue reading

Upper Douglass Dog Park-Update 01/31/2014

Thank you all for your participation in last night’s community meeting. Rec and Park staff presented the solution to the drainage issues which include minor lawn excavation to install one inch pipes in a grid pattern underneath the lawn. These pipes will both contain and redirect surface water.  In addition, … Continue reading

Irrigation system installed at Upper Douglass Dog Park

All trenches have been backfilled and infrastructure is almost complete.  As you can see from the photo, the new irrigation system works beautifully. The sod will be delivered and installed later this week, marking the most difficult and delicate part of the improvement- the sod (lawn) establishment. The lawn will look … Continue reading