South Park Traffic Calming Improvements – March 2018, follow up

Warmer weather has arrived for us to complete the traffic calming features! Please be mindful the next several weeks of parking restrictions at both ends of South Park (indicated in red on the attached map).South Park Update & Parking Restrictions 2018 0327 Expected activities: The crew will first remove and patch … Continue reading

South Park Traffic Calming Improvements – Update March 2018

All the bulb-outs and curb cuts in the surrounding sidewalk into South Park are completed! The asphalt stamping will be installed over a two week period in March, pending weather conditions. The process is similar to street paving. The stamping equipment slowly heats the asphalt and impresses a cobblestone pattern, … Continue reading

South Park Traffic Calming Improvements – Update Jan 2018

Two of the three South Park bulb-outs are done! The third bulb out (on the northwest corner) will be completed late January/early February, pending adverse weather. You’ll notice the engineers confirming the structural substrate for accessible crosswalk are compliant prior to the concrete pour this month. The remaining tasks are: Street … Continue reading

Parking Restrictions for Sidewalk Improvements – start Oct. 13, 2017

Sidewalk improvements on South Park southeast corner (near Second Street) will be starting this Friday 10/13/2017. The work will take approximately 10 calendar days and will include sidewalk demolition, and bulb out installation with concrete form work and concrete pours and curb cuts for a safe and accessible entrance into … Continue reading

South Park Traffic Calming Improvements – Fall 2017

  The Traffic Calming Improvements at South Park will be starting this October and include sidewalk bulb-outs, asphalt stamping and crosswalk striping for pedestrian safety and park access. Streets will remain open to vehicles; however, expect intermittent delays and partial sidewalk closures throughout construction. Target construction schedule is: October & … Continue reading

Update on South Park Renovation 12/9/2016

We’re beginning sewer work on Monday, December 12, 2016! This is a necessary step because the remaining tasks can follow. We could not start earlier digging due to permit officials thorough review of the traffic impacts to the neighborhood during the holiday moratorium on excavation in this district. We received the permits … Continue reading

What are those mini mounds at South Park?

It is the extra soil generated by the underground installation of plumbing and electrical utilities, trees wells, concrete foundations, etc. The extra soil will be off-hauled starting early morning on Oct 10. For safety and maneuverability, there will be no parking on both sides of the south side of South … Continue reading

South Park Renovation – Parking Advisory (M-7/18/16 to W-7/20/16)

Tree pruning is taking a little longer that two days and will run into next week. The contractors are only posting NO PARKING signs immediately adjacent the area of daily work and only on the ‘park side’ of South Park Street. Additional signs will be posted throughout next week. Parking will be allowed across … Continue reading

South Park Renovation – Parking Advisory (W-7/13/16 to Th-7/14/16)

Great news! More construction activity at South Park! Tree pruning within the park will start on Wednesday, July 13 and continue through Thursday, July 14, 2016  from 8AM to 5PM. Please note that NO PARKING will be allowed on the ‘park side’ of South Park Street.The signs were just posted today. Parking will be … Continue reading

South Park Renovation – Parking Advisory!

Construction of South Park Renovation started last Thursday, January 14, 2016, with the installation of fences! The park is closed for the duration of construction and anticipated completion is late Fall 2016.For your safety, please use the pedestrian sidewalk across the street from the park. No Parking will be available along sections … Continue reading

24 New Mature Trees are Being Planted at South Park!

We heard your concerns and wanted to reassure you that along with removal comes replacement. The project will plant 24 new, mature trees (36” box-example shown below). A major contributing factor to the decline of the trees at this site is overcrowding. The new trees will be spaced at intervals appropriate … Continue reading


Please join us for the final community planning meeting for the South Park Renovation Project.  Fletcher Studio will be on hand to showcase the latest project design followed by a project delivery overview presented by San Francisco Recreation and Park staff.  Please plan to attend, your input is very important … Continue reading