Fillmore Turk Mini Park – October 2019

Exciting News! Late September, Recreation and Park Commission approved design for Fillmore Turk Mini Park. Now, the design team can proceed with construction documents to realize the improvements initiated by Community Opportunity Fund (COF) award in 2016. Over the past year, the project team gathered the existing conditions documentation, conducted … Continue reading

McLaren Community Garden out to Bid

After making some modifications to the design, the McLaren Community Garden Project is back out to bid. Potential contractors are encouraged to review the bid solicitation here: Construction is planned to begin in Fall of 2018!

South Park Traffic Calming Improvements – March 2018, follow up

Warmer weather has arrived for us to complete the traffic calming features! Please be mindful the next several weeks of parking restrictions at both ends of South Park (indicated in red on the attached map).South Park Update & Parking Restrictions 2018 0327 Expected activities: The crew will first remove and patch … Continue reading

Geneva Community Garden Commission Item and Construction Photos

We are required to gain approval from the Recreation and Park Commission for construction contracts that exceed 10% base bid change orders or have considerable construction duration extensions. We will be presenting this situation to the Capital Committee of the Commission this coming Wednesday, December 7. Please see agenda item wording … Continue reading

What are those mini mounds at South Park?

It is the extra soil generated by the underground installation of plumbing and electrical utilities, trees wells, concrete foundations, etc. The extra soil will be off-hauled starting early morning on Oct 10. For safety and maneuverability, there will be no parking on both sides of the south side of South … Continue reading

South Park Renovation – Parking Advisory (W-7/13/16 to Th-7/14/16)

Great news! More construction activity at South Park! Tree pruning within the park will start on Wednesday, July 13 and continue through Thursday, July 14, 2016  from 8AM to 5PM. Please note that NO PARKING will be allowed on the ‘park side’ of South Park Street.The signs were just posted today. Parking will be … Continue reading

Community Opportunity Fund Round 5 Projects Recommended for Funding

Dear Community Opportunity Fund Applicants, I know many of you have been waiting to hear back about your Community Opportunity Fund (“COF”) Applications. The COF committee members repeatedly stressed how impressed they were with all of your work, your commitment to your park and your community. This is a very … Continue reading

Lincoln Park Steps-Update 05/2015

Lincoln Park Steps are officially open! Please join Friends of Lincoln Park, San Francisco Parks Alliance and Recreation and Park Department on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 4PM for a ribbon cutting celebration of the beautification of these steps.

Lincoln Park Steps Improvement Project

So much has happened at the end of California Street’s gateway to Lincoln Park. The artwork at the top of the stairs, completed in 2011, now cascades in full color down the 57 steps entering the park, a beautiful transition from street. No longer will pedestrians run through these steps without … Continue reading

Reminder – Deadline for Community Opportunity Fund Round 5 Draft Applications – April 3rd!

Hi folks, All of you that are applying for Round 5 COF, I just wanted to remind you that Round 5 COF draft applications are due on April 3rd. – If you are planning to apply, I should be corresponding with you, and confirming if you need additional community meetings, … Continue reading

NOTICE: Final Workshop Rescheduled due to weather from This Thursday to DECEMBER 17th. LAST Workshop for Community Opportunity Fund Program to Fund Park Improvements!

Hi Everyone – The final workshop scheduled for Round 5 Applications was scheduled for tomorrow night, Thursday December 11th  at Joe Lee Recreation Center – Multipurpose Room 2 (1395 Mendell Street). The meeting has been rescheduled due to weather, to Wednesday, December 17th, same time, same location:  6:00 pm – 8:00 … Continue reading

Construction Starting for Larsen Playground Renovation

We are excited to announce that we have a construction start date for Larsen Playground Renovation. The contractor will be mobilizing on or close to Monday, August 4. The playground is scheduled to open late winter/ early spring 2015. The new restroom at Larsen will remain open for as much … Continue reading

SFLBC-Bowling Green 1-June Update

Zoom into Google satellite to see the ‘wood form work’ that surrounds Green 1. In the next five weeks, concrete will be poured in stages from gutter to perimeter fence walls. For your safety, the northern section of the Sharon Meadows parking lot will be closed for construction on the following days. Please … Continue reading

Upper Douglass Dog Park -Update 6/1/2014

Can you spot the grid pattern throughout the field? Those are 1”wide by 9” deep sand channels that will aid the soil in absorbing standing water. The sand removes the water from the surface so the top soil won’t get muddy and also holds moisture within the soil so the lawn can absorb … Continue reading

Upper Douglass Dog Park – Update 03/18/2014

Good news! Construction started this week at Upper Douglass Dog Park. Over the next two weeks, there will be minimal site work as the lead contractor samples the soil before mobilizing for construction end of the month. Then there will be several months of construction such as trenching, installing additional catch … Continue reading

Upper Douglass Dog Park-Update 01/31/2014

Thank you all for your participation in last night’s community meeting. Rec and Park staff presented the solution to the drainage issues which include minor lawn excavation to install one inch pipes in a grid pattern underneath the lawn. These pipes will both contain and redirect surface water.  In addition, … Continue reading

Thank you for Joining us Saturday!

Thank you for taking your relaxing Saturday morning to join us, we had a very good discussion on the project and will present the new plan to the community. Your voices have been heard and we are taking all of the comments we have received so far and will modify … Continue reading

Progress Update on McLaren Park Peru Street Playground

A project of the 2008 Clean and Safe Parks Bond’s Community Opportunity Fund Progam, the improvements to the Peru Street Playground in McLaren Park are well underway. We anticipate completion of the project within the next two months. Due some unanticipated construction issues work has slowed over the last few … Continue reading

NEN Awards: Help McLaren Park Wins Award

The Neighborhood Empowerment Network’s NEN Awards are returning for their fifth and biggest year on January 9. Produced in partnership with the CCSF Community Challenge Grant Program, The NEN Awards are dedicated to elevating and celebrating the tremendous work that residents and organizations do every day to make our city … Continue reading