Moscone East Playground and Dog Play Area Nearing Completion!

Moscone East Playground and Dog Play Area are getting closer to completion. The contractor is working to tie up loose ends throughout the project areas. Once we have a definitive completion date, the Department will start a public outreach process inviting neighbors to a park opening event. In the interim, … Continue reading

Moscone Playground and Dog Play Area are starting Construction!

We have great news to share! We have initiated the construction contract for the renovation of the east playground and the new dog play area. We just issued the notice to proceed and the contractor is expected to start mobilizing on site this week. It’s been a long road to … Continue reading

Moscone Rec Center Project Update

Hello Park Advocates.   Exciting news.    The Recreation and Park Commission approved the construction contract for the playground renovation project.   As part of this project, the Department will also be installing a new dog play area on the west edge of the park property and with the generous grant donation from … Continue reading

Moscone Dog Play Area and Playground Renovation Update!

Hello Park Advocates- I would like to give you a brief update on the status of the children’s playground and the dog play area project. We successfully completed the construction documents and sent the project out for our formal bidding process. We anticipate the bids will be submitted on February … Continue reading