Randall Museum – Construction Progress Update

Thank you to the community for the continued interest and support for the Randall Museum Renovation Project, we are nearing project completion. We thank you for your patience with the unexpected delay due to additional electrical challenges. The power is back up, and we are closing out the remaining construction work.

The construction project commenced in January 2016. Scope of work includes new geology and zoology exhibits, a new science lab, a new elevator, renovation of the live animal exhibit, classrooms, restrooms, first floor lobby, and ADA compliance measures. This $8 million project is funded by a $5.5 million state grant for Nature Education Facilities, SF General Fund, add-back by former Supervisor Weiner, Park Bonds, and by the Randall Museum Friends via generous support from local families and the philanthropic community.

Re-opening of the facility is expected in early 2018, exact date is to be determined.

Live Animal Exhibit Elements:

  • Riparian
    • Raccoon, Pond Turtles, & Stream Animals
  • Chaparal-Grassland
    • Song Birds, Quail
  • Desert
    • Tortoise, Rabbit, & Reptiles
  • Raptor
    • Birds of Prey, Hawks, & Owls
  • Urban (petting cage)
    • Rabbits, Chickens, & Guinea Pigs
  • Bees
    • Beehive exhibit
  • Victorian
    • Bats & Mice

Construction Progress Photos:

Chaparal Grassland

Chaparal Grassland Exhibit

Riparian Exhibit

Riparian Exhibit

New Elevator ADA Access

New Elevator – ADA Access

New Reception Desk

New Reception Desk

Thank you for your support for the project, we will continue to provide additional updates on progress.  Please feel free to direct any questions to the Project Manager, Levi Conover at 415-581-2572 or levi.conover@sfgov.org