PROSAC Volunteer Day at Garfield Park

PROSAC Volunteer Day on October 18 at Garfield Park

Phil Ginsburg greeted several members of the Park and Recreation Open Space Advisory Committee/PROSAC who recently volunteered their time giving Garfield Park a little clean-up.

PROSAC members, appointed by the Board of Supervisors serve as liaisons between the RPD Commission, residents, neighborhood groups and organizations dedicated to park and recreational issues in their districts.

Shown from left to right: Richard Ivanhoe (District 5), Les Hilger (District 1), Tom Valtin (District 9), Linda Shaffer (District 10), Richard Rothman (District 1) Pat Delgado (District 9), Denis Moscofian (District 5), Sharon Eberhardt (District 11),  Linda D’Avirro (District 11), and GM Phil Ginsburg.

PROSAC Volunteer Day at Garfield Park on October 18