Stern Grove Clubhouse (Trocadero)

Construction was completed in spring 2015. For permitting and reservation information please click here.


Trocadero Clubhouse is located in Stern Grove, Sunset Neighborhood of San Francisco. Built in 1892 as the Victorian residence of George Green, it was donated to the City of San Francisco by the Stern Family in the 1930s and has remained a sought after venue for events such as weddings, retreats, workshops and daytime getaways.

Trocadero Porch Decks

Scope of Work

The porch deck, guardrails, ramp and steps were rebuilt to current accessibility and code standards which include:
• Recreating the historic wood guardrail where historically accurate
• Building code complainant deck cross slope
• Weather-proofing the basement
• Installing guardrail screens to comply with current ‘fall zone’ requirements