Raymond Kimbell Playground Improvement Project


Raymond Kimbell offers a breath of fresh air to its very urban setting. For many locals, this park has become a central piece of the community. In 2008, park supporters voted to give Raymond Kimbell a $3.3 million renovation through the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks bond in an effort to ensure that their park continues to serve San Francisco for years to come.

Raymond Kimbell will offer an upgraded play area, improved landscape, and safer infrastructure.

Kimbell_Concept Plan

We are excited to be working with the community in making Raymond Kimbell a better place to play!


Located at the corner of Geary Boulevard and Steiner Street, Raymond Kimbell serves a very urban part of San Francisco. The park offers a clubhouse, childrens play area, three baseball fields with bleacher seating, and open green areas for visitors. Over the years, many of these facilities have become unusable, unsafe, and in need of repair. Our goal is to restore and improve Raymond Kimbell Playground for the benefit of its loyal community.

Kimbell Restroom Gates to be installed Fall 2017!

The sliding gate featured above, one for each restroom, is being fabricated for installation September/October 2017.  The restrooms will remain open during the month long installation, although at times, access to the restrooms may be temporarily delayed or interrupted for public safety. Please stay tuned! For questions, please contact Marien … Continue reading

Kimbell Playground Construction Update December 2014

You know the best part about rain??? We get to see where the water flows and make adjustments…… Building: We sealed the building before the first rain last month. The plumbing and electrical work in the building is about 80% completed. The doors are already installed and painted. The exterior is looking … Continue reading

Kimbell Playground Renovation-update 10/2014

Walk the perimeter of the construction site for a glimpse of: Building: The plumbing and electrical work in the building are about 40% completed. The new door frames are being installed. The roof is completely sealed in case of early rain…..the sky is already misting this week. Playground: The playground boundaries are in place … Continue reading

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