Oak Woodlands Trail Improvement Project

Oak Woodlands Trails


While most of Golden Gate Park has been landscaped with lawns, flowerbeds and other ornamental features, a few remnants of San Francisco’s oak woodlands still exist in this world-renowned park. The northeast corner of Golden Gate Park is home to some of the oldest coast live oak trees in San Francisco. The Oak Woodlands is a remnant forest located in the northeast corner of Golden Gate Park along Fulton Avenue between Stanyan and 6th Avenue. The existing trails are in poor condition and myriad redundant social trails wind through the woodlands, causing erosion and habitat destruction.

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Scope of Work

The Golden Gate Park Oak Woodlands Trail Improvement Project will create one primary, continuous nature trail with wayfinding and interpretive signs. The project also includes a designated multi-use trail that allows for off road bicycle access.

The project will repair existing trails, provide erosion control measures, restore native plants and provide signage. Invasive plants that are a threat to habitat will be removed and replaced with plants that have high habitat value and are aesthetically pleasing.

The trail alignment will connect points of interest along the route including the overlook near Stanyan and Hayes, the Horseshoe Pits, the hillside near the green waste transfer area, the overlook at Arguello, and Coon Hollow. The proposed trail restoration will improve visual quality, access, safety and enhance the trail experience in Oak Woodlands Park while retaining the rustic quality of the trail.


  • 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond: $1.9 million;
  • 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond: Forestry Program: $ 202,500;
  • San Francisco Parks Alliance through a generous grant from the Coca-Cola Bottling Company:$91,094.

Oak Woodlands Trails Improvement Project Updates

Here are a few updates on the Golden Gate Park Oak Woodlands Trails Improvement Project: We are getting very close to construction completion! Many of the trail segments are completed and open for use Way finding signage will be installed in the coming days Look for habitat restoration planting in … Continue reading

First Portion of Improved Oak Woodlands Trail Open for Use in Golden Gate Park

Happy to report that the first section of new trail (of many sections!) is open for use in the Oak Woodlands of Golden Gate Park.  If you would like to try it out, please click here with that area called out in white bubble, with note.  Trailside restoration / erosion … Continue reading

First Golden Gate Park Oak Woodlands Trail Section to Open Soon!

Our contractor is making steady progress with the Golden Gate Park Oak Woodlands Trail Improvement Project. A previous update here covered the fact that restoration and construction work would occur in stages throughout the Oak Woodlands, that individual trail segments would be closed during work, and that the overall trail … Continue reading

Road Closures East End of Golden Gate Park for Oak Woodlands Trails Improvement Project

Please be advised of the following road closures in Golden Gate Park this week and next week: Wednesday, August 15 and Thursday, August 16, 8 am through 4 pm:  Arguello between Fulton and Conservatory Drive and Conservatory Drive West entrance closed: Parking will still be available along Conservatory Drive (accessed from Conservatory … Continue reading

Progress with Oak Woodlands Trails Improvements

Our contractor is making good progress with improvements to the trails in the special Oak Woodlands area of Golden Gate Park. Trail realignment work and hazardous tree removal work has started at the western edge of the Oak Woodlands. Trail surfacing work will begin the week of July 23. The … Continue reading

Site Work Starting June 25 on Oak Woodlands Trails Improvement Project

Just a heads up that on-site work will be beginning in the Golden Gate Park Oak Woodlands on Monday, June 25. Restoration and construction work will occur in stages throughout the Oak Woodlands. Individual trail segments will be closed during work. However, the overall trail network will remain mostly open … Continue reading

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